Reputation is everything, and we believe that the only way to maintain an excellent reputation, is to do it right. When it comes to creating a GMP budget, we do not short cut the process by providing pricing based on a per square foot or cost per ton basis. Although these may be utilized as check numbers, we believe that the only way to provide our clients complete and accurate budgets is to design a system around the building’s intended layout and use. Our GMP process includes the following:

  • Building load requirements by room basis
  • Designing and laying out all equipment, duct work, piping, and air devices
  • Creating equipment schedules and distributing to suppliers for accurate pricing
  • Request and review pre-submittals on all critical equipment, to assure requirements are met
  • Detailed estimates and proposals

We believe that a budget should reflect what the actual costs will be on a project based on the narratives and information known and provided at the time.  We also believe that it is our job to look out for our clients, by filling in the blanks, based on our years of experience.  These same processes are used for our Design Build projects, and have repeatedly delivered superior quality, in a cost and time conscious manner, resulting in very satisfied clients.